Sunday, September 12, 2004

Guardsman Bush and Sailor Kerry

I don't care if the letters are true or not; if Bush had special influence in getting in; and if he was there when he was suppose to be.

The national guard has always had home cooking. That is as part of the guard as calling them out for civil unrest or local emergencies -- always has been and, I hope, always will be. The guard is the local militia. It's mentioned in the Bill of Rights. The guard dates its inception from the minute men. Its older than the nation. They and the army reserves were the first to fight; the first to be called up. Also, most if not all guardsman try to avoid those monthly meeting. If he found a way to avoid the meetings, more power to him.

The fact we would question a person's patriotism for joining the guard say more about the politics of Vietnam than it does about anyone's patriotism.

While the war in Vietnam has ended ,it seems the political wars of Vietnam go on. It sleeps for four years and then, sometimes, is reawakened.

Kerry, the one true vet, seems to be paying more than those who chose not to serve in Vietnam. Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and many of the neocons stayed home, and we are not as critical on them as we are on Kerry. The more you serve the more harshly you are judged.

Of course, Kerry is having to pay for what he did after the war more so than what he did during the war. Those swift Vets are motivated more by Kerry's anti-war actions than his combat service -- and current Republican goals.

That's one thing (among many) I don't understand about those on the right. They wrap themselves in the flag. They claim to be America's most loyal citizens, but they object to anyone exercising the freedoms for which this country stands. Was their struggle for freedom in vain, or more likely, their struggle was for their kind of freedom -- not true freedom?

There is a place for conservatives in the liberal's world but there is no room for liberals in the conservative's world. I seem to have gotten off the subject.
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