Saturday, June 08, 2013

Republicans Support Social Welfare

Republicans politician and pundits coming to the defense of social welfare organizations is the story coming out of the latest IRS scandal.  They are admitting there is a need for social welfare, which before this scandal, they seemed to want to do away with it entirely. 

The free market can take care of society, and doesn’t need and shouldn’t get any help from any government, local or federal, has been their rant since the days of FDR and LBJ.  The term “social welfare” was said in the same tone as communism and socialism.  It was un-American.  It was a drag on the economy and retarding our recovery from the current recession.  And yet, here they are burning our precious resources in bandwidth and airtime attacking those of the IRS that would question a social welfare’s operation.

Liberals should be celebrating that conservatives have boarded the social welfare boat.  Liberals can now say:  come, let’s sit down together and reason how social welfare should be done.

Even if the support for social welfare is a ruse by conservative political actions groups in which the important issue is not tax exemption but the reporting exemptions for financial sources, liberals should embrace the lie and make conservative live the lie.  Liberals are using the same tax exemption for the same reason, but social welfare is something they have supported as long as conservatives have been trying to undo it.

Liberals are suppose to be the smart ones, but the conservatives are eating their lunch.  Conservatives may have been slow to recognize the impact of television but they have become past masters of the medium.  Fox News’ ratings prove just how proficient at spin they’ve become since Nixon blew his first debate with Kennedy on looks and not substance.  

Republicans are going on record wherever anyone will point a camera at them defending the right of the Tea Party’s tax exemption.  Let me state that again:  Republicans are defending federal funding for social welfare.

If that is not a victory for liberals, I don’t know what is, and yet all liberals do is complain that the Tea Party is a political organization using a loophole in the tax laws by posing as a social welfare organization. 

Liberals, you’ve been handed the spin football.  Run with it.
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