Saturday, September 18, 2004

Necon Government vs. Anything Else

Usually I don't care who wins the presidential election. I usually vote Democrat, but there have been times when I didn't really want my man to win; I just wanted to continue to vote Democrat and I did not have to worry about him winning.

I never liked Dick Nixon. I did not trust him, but his administration was OK in my book, so I really did not care if he won. I liked Ronald Reagan, would have like to have met him, but I did not think to much of his political philosophy -- but like Nixon, he had an administration I could live with when he got elected and reelected, I didn't care too much. The country, and my life, will go on pretty much as it always has.

And that has been the case since I was old enough to know and understand presidential elections, however, that is not the case now. I like George Bush. Probably would have partied with that dude when we were both young. And like young Bush, I only took an interest in what is going on around me after I got older -- actually until I got drafted into a war I never paid much attention to. (But, that's another entry for another day.)

Kerry is like Clinton, a stick in the mud. Not only did I inhale, I'd Bogart the joint. From the little bit I heard or read, he was like some officers I knew, which it was best to steer clear of as much as possible.

But George has around him some advisors and people in position who I think is very bad for our government. They have a naive theory and opinions about what our government should be doing, and the problem is, they have the President's ear. Their ideas may get us into more trouble that it will take generations to correct.

Democracy could possible come to the Middle East -- but not from us as long as we occupy any country. It must come from within. They, whatever Middle Eastern country it is, must rise up and take control themselves; it can not be given to them. Just as blacks in this country learned that whites could give them only so much equality; they had to rise up and take true equality themselves. That stuggle is ongoing.

For once, I agree with the political rhetoric. This election is very important. Not to elect John Kerry, but to vote to get those neocons out of the government. If Bush gets reelected, they will see it as validation. They will continue with their plan to invade Iran or North Korea, with no plan for what happens afterward -- as though changing the government to democracy is like a changing your clothes. They will befriend spys and enemy agents in their headlong rush to fulfill some naive theory that could never come true -- redu
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