Sunday, July 16, 2006

Take the Initiative

Chalk one up for the forces of Hamas and Hezbollah. Oh, and don’t forget the mullahs in Iran. The old saying that peace was the worse enemy of communism seems to also be true of cultures built on terrorism and hate*.

While the Neocons were trying to install their idealistic form of democracy in Iraq, its force was actually being felt in Palestine. The people with no country was showing the rest of the world how democracy could work in the Middle East. First, they freely elect a party built on terrorism and one that vowed not to recognize Israel.

Confrontation seemed inevitable but then from out of nowhere comes this idea by Palestinian prisoners in Israel whom I suddenly learn are a force among Palestinians by the sacrifice of their imprisonment. They call for a referendum on the matter of recognizing Israel right to exist. A call Hamas cannot resist. Here’s the democratic force the Neocons were vainly trying to implement. But wait, snatch an Israeli soldeir, all hell breaks loose and no more talk about elections or referendums.

Hezbollah was loosing ground in Lebanon. Syria was being force out. Lebanese were taking back their country. But Hey! Grab some Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah can take back Lebanon. Peace was killing them, they had to do something. Was Israel's response part of the their plan?

And with peace, the insurgency within Iran has a chance against the absolute rule of the mullahs. The communist seem to never realize that they could not maintain their domination with out a plausible threat to explain the economic sacrifice. However, violence gave birth to Hamas and Hezbollah, and violence will save their cause.

They can never let peace return or they are lost.

* I said it a long time ago.
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