Sunday, April 30, 2006

Seal the Borders

But against illegal immigrants from the United States going to Mexico. Here’s a story from Tijuana about the mayor complaining of U.S. citizens coming over to Mexico to enjoy his countries lax marijuana laws, which may become even more lax in the future.

Unlike the illegal immigrants coming to the U.S. looking for any kind of pay including those jobs that pay so low no citizen would do it, the ones going to Mexico from the U.S. are not looking for work and don’t want any at any price. Who’s getting the bad end of this deal?

The idea that local Americans would be crossing the border to do something that is considered illegal in this country will do more to put up an impregnable fence between the two countries no mater how many are steaming across the border into the U.S.

Many Republicans can tolerate the exploitation of illegal workers rather than pay a decent wage to a legal citizen or foreign worker, but they will not be able to stand the thought of some liberal college kid going over the border to smoke pot. The will they play lip service to tighter border security to prevent illegal immigration since they are actually benefiting financially from the cheap labor, but their moralistic self-righteousness will not allow the situation of citizens casually going across the border for pleasure.

The border must be tightened.
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