Saturday, March 11, 2006

No to Bush Impeachment

Over at the TMP Café Josh Marshall and Matt Yglesias are are arguing against impeachment of Bush. I couldn’t agree more. Although, I believe he committed an impeachable offense – maybe several – I still don’t think Congress should begin the proceeding to impeach the President. I consider the impact of all the impeachment hype and goings on to the nation (and of course myself) before I would satisfaction of some patrician revenge. He certainly did more wrong than lying about having an affair with an intern.

Clinton’s legacy will pay for his indiscretion; we will all pay for Bush’s. However, in view of what happened in this country during Clinton’s impeachment, I would rather Bush’s legacy be trashed after he leaves than put the country through another impeachment process again. We need to be concerned about the civil war in Iraq escalating to include the whole of the Middle East rather than getting even with Bush for screwing the whole world up. We need to worry about Bush's fighting a war while cutting taxes and the eventual double digit inflation and the eroding of Baby Boomers' retirements.

LBJ's Curse on the Second Term is a curse on us all.

Not only do I think the impeachment is a bad idea, I hope the Republicans maintain control of the Senate and House for at least two more years. If the Democrats were to take control of either house, the investigations will begin. That will become the major news story day after day, with all kinds of charges and leaks – that is until another white girls comes up missing.

I wonder if things got really bad would the Republicans go out and kidnap a white girl just take the heat away from them. They certainly didn’t mind digging them up to attack Clinton.

Tip was oh so right: All politics is local. It would be better for me and mine if there was no impeachment of Bush or Democratic majority after the '06 election.

Will I live to regret should my wish come true because the Bushies and the Republican majority will do more damage in the next three years than any undue hype during an Congressional investigation or impeachment? I can only hope the old line Republicans with whom I differ but also trust can bring to bear their more traditionally conservative influence.
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