Sunday, October 23, 2005

Disney’s Islam-o-land

Well I just got back from a trip to Disney World with the fam’. I never got to visit Disneyland as a child and was too old to truly appreciate Disney World when it came along – the Disney experience is particularly for kids – but I have experienced it as a parent, and now as a grandparent. To look at Disney as a bottom line or an investment potential, to consider it with the current goings on at corporate level and expectation for survivability, and then to see it manifest on a personal level is a ride all its own. Being there is really an experience to watch the Disney people as they handles crowds and provides services and confirms the belief that there is genius in the details.

While ensconced in the Disney experience, I suddenly had an epiphany: If only Dick Cheney had worked for Disney instead of Halliburton, Iraq would be a going concern today. Disney knows how to organize people and get them moving toward the realization of their dreams.

I could see Islam-o-land where Iraq, that strategy that was more ideology than reality, where Colin Powell’s Pottery Barn shards are waiting for who? to be pick up (democratic leaders, mullahs, another absolute ruler), that civil war waiting to happen, is now. There is a bounty of legends to characterize. They already have the myth from Aladdin available. I could see an Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves development. And then there’s that whole Egyptian potential, and the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian connection just waiting to be exercised.

What the Disney people could do with such potential. Of course, there would be the Neocon’s dream, which Disney could call Democracy Land, where the unalienable rights including individual freedom and societal and religious compromise meet. The mullahs would no doubt play a major role, but the freedom seed would be planted. Who could not go for a ride through something like that and not be changed?

And what Disney could do with Oil Land, or a tie in with the energy exhibit at Epcot. If Disney had been in control of the takeover of Baghdad, at least the museums and historical artifacts would not have been looted anymore than the Oil Ministry was. Energy without culture has no meaning. Halliburton only sees oil. Disney has learned to see the complete package.

The Disney people would scope out the terrain and the various factions. At Disney World, it is amazing how some major physical object or setting can completely disappear overnight to be replaced by another such as a tree or a whole landscape.

I am aware that Disney Europe is not the success that Disney World in Florida is or that the major ride everybody experiences at Disney World is standing in line. But hey! Give the Disney people time. Remember, when the original Disneyland was done, they made the mistake of not obtaining the surrounding territory for later development. They did not make that mistake in Florida. Also, no possible expenditure by anyone anywhere in Florida goes unnoticed by Disney. Whether it’s sports, water park, or respectable adult entertainment, Disney will come up with a ride or even theme park. No doubt if Disney had at Disney Europe an anti-American ride, attendance would sky rocket and the line would exceedingly long – you’d certainly want to get a Fast Pass© for that one. Europeans would love to be in a position to look down on Americans, so you will not go wrong exploiting any manifestation of feelings of inadequacy or irrelevance.

I drove through Celebration, the city Disney built, and was impressed that it was like going to MGM Grand but people actually worked and lived there. It wasn’t a mock up. What it’s like living there, I can only guess, but it sure looks tranquil, modernized nostalgia, and inviting.

Next, there may be the state of Disney and then the country. I can hardly wait. Can I buy my ticket now?
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