Sunday, October 02, 2005

Intelligent Design in Evolution

The DNA molecule. Once this molecule is present on the earth, nothing more needs to be done for all the speciation we now see – including ourselves – and see in the fossil we find. It is all within the programming capabilities of the DNA molecule. That’s one intelligent program.

I wish I could design a program only half as good. To design a program that could allow mistakes in the building of programming language and through the power of replication exploit those changes that benefit the program would be one bad assed program.

Computer viruses approach the replication aspect of the DNA molecule, but they do not evolve on their own. I’ve tried writing programs that picked from a library of program’s language randomly, but that never went anywhere – yet.

Of course, the question in the current debate is how did the DNA molecule got here. The Intelligent Design crowd argues that all the complexity of life we see is by intelligent design, but the complexity is within the programming capabilities of the DNA molecule.

They are missing the point. They should be arguing how the DNA molecule got here. For that, science has no answer. The theory of the warm muddy pond is dead. There’s talk of the RNA molecule coming first and certain natural clays aligned in extreme conditions that could give rise to life’s precursor molecules. Just as the scientist and any realist point at the Intelligent Design folks and say to be science your theory must be provable in a controlled test, the generation of life has yet to occur within these same conditions.

Three reasons the generation of life from natural elements has not been discovered are:
1. They are not looking in the right place.
2. They are not looking in the right way
3. Life’s beginning occurred elsewhere and introduced to earth.

One thought that occurred to me uses the principle that higher life forms exploit lower life forms and precursor molecules are being created all the time here on earth and just as quickly consumed by bacteria.

Until science comes up with how life began here on earth, we must suffer the forces for Intelligent Design. Actually, I think they will be around no matter what we discover.

Pray God protect us from faith-based government.
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