Sunday, August 14, 2005

Good evening Mr. and Mrs America and all ships at sea

Sorry I havn’t been holding up the duties of even a weekend blogger. Events have kept me off line. During the week, I usually comment on other usually A list blogs. But I do try to post at least once a week here. Sort of clear my thoughts or regurgitate what I’ve digested over the week.

I will not be posting any more blogs on TPMCafe. I don’t get read much here; I get read even less there – at least in the blogs. The comments do OK.

I sometime put a link back to specific post on my blog and then look at the site meter to see if any get a hit. When I posted this with link back to my site , I got no hits. None.

When I left a site in one of my comments on the Curse of the Second Term, I got 22 hits. It would seem you get a better response to comments by the A list bloggers than to posting at the TPMCafe myself. Also, since I’ve been spending an excessive amount of time there than elsewhere, I getting less traffic. So, need to move around even more.

I could blog from work but I fear that I would suffer the fate of others who have been caught doing the same. They could probably do the same for my commenting, but I’ll take that chance. I comment under my Scout29c handle. Here’s the latest from Yahoo and in Google.

I hope to blog more after I retire. I’ve come to love the blogoshpere. I’m getting to pratice the journalist I was taught. Blogs are the best thing to happen to journalism since the First Amendment. Hopefully, more about that later. See you the funnies.
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