Sunday, June 12, 2005

Blind Faith I

Imagine if you will, everyone on earth is born blind. Like other animals that cannot see, we develop the ability of function, obtain substance and reproduce our kind.

And then imagine God came to us with a special pair of glasses that made it possible for everyone to see.

Everything we could see, we could come to know and understand.

We would come to see how to ground glass so we could see the smallest thing and furtherest phenomenon in the universe. And everything we could see, we could come to know and understand.

But no matter how small we looked or how far away, we could never see God, the one that made it possible to see everything else.

For this, you must remove that which makes it possible for you to see and understand so much. You must accept God on blind faith alone.

Some would say that scientists would have the most trouble with religious faith, but the contrary is true. When one deals in separating fact from assumptions, faith is easy to understand even if not practiced. No part of faith can be proven. For if there is any proof, then it is no longer faith. No icons, no images, no miracles, no martyrs, no text, there is nothing solid on which to grab hold or where to stand.

You must walk to the precipice and step off the edge. Your faith in God will hold you up and will not let you fall. You cannot hold one foot back on solid ground, there is nothing to hold on to, there is nothing in this world to support you. There can be no support for faith. You must step off and away completely and entirely. Faith will hold you up.

Of course, if you actually went to the edge of the precipice and stepped off, you would fall and die. Remember there is no proof. We must suffer fools for God.

Religions or religious people who say there is proof of their faith align themselves with a false god. Those who would install religion beliefs as laws, or send someone to die in His name, or second guess God in passing judgment on others walk the path of those devoted followers who did as they were bid by their religious leaders and condemned the Son of God to die on the cross.
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