Sunday, May 01, 2005

Blogbot for Congress

I was at a site called Article Bot that promised that if I downloaded this software, I could maintain my site with a bot. It would go out and find the kind of stories I would select if I had the time and post them on my blog as if I had done it.

I would get credit for maintaining an ever updating site and would eventually get lots of visitor or my site would a least show up in surveys of blogoshpere activity. I supposed it would work like the news gathering newsbot at google (googlebot?).

But the people who visit my site find I’m more of an opinion writer or commentator than a clearing house for other neat stuff on the internet, and I was about to move on when a thought suddenly occurred to me.

What if I had a blogbot and it was elected to Congress and acted as my representative with my government. It could gather bills under consideration. It could submit bills I would load into it before going to bed or work. It would nest and jockey with other bots deciding on legislation by which bots had a consensus or which bot had the most efficient program – pretty much as congressmen do now. And I wouldn’t have to worry about what some cute little intern was getting out of my bot. It wouldn’t be tempted by material wealth, status, or other special interest. Of course, I would have to worry about infections, but protection is available for a cost – still somewhat like now.

And who knows, maybe if my bot does well in Congress, it could one day become the President. I know I would be proud.
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