Sunday, March 06, 2005

Who Gets Credit for What

Okay, how long before we hear: if the Syrians should pull out of Lebanon, shouldn’t the Americans pull out of Iraq? If everybody agrees that it’s good in one, why wouldn’t it be good in another? The clock is ticking; I’m waiting to hear it.

Of course the Bushies will have good reasons and I’ve no doubt that many of them are valid. If we pull out of Iraq right now, chaos would erupt. Anarchy would rein until the warlords and mullahs took control and understandings between the various factions developed. The Kurds would probably break away. No, like it or not, whether you were for or against it, we are in for the long haul. The Neocons have got us in another fine mess.

The Bushies are claiming credit for the democratic movements taking place all over the Mid East. First the election in Palestine and then the significant turn out in Iraq, Mubarak’s announcement of actual elections in Egypt, and the Saudis telling Syrian to leave Lebanon all seem to bode well for the Neocons’ strategy for the Middle East.

If the Clintonites can take credit for the economic boom of the nineties, then we have to let the Bushies take credit for democracy rising in the Middle East. Maybe this is a good cop/bad cop of historic events. After the run up to war in which the Bushies came to believe their own hype, and then a swift and stunning invasion and take over, followed by a totally bundled post war administration, and then a very successful election, we have to expect some bad time ahead as it’s the bad cop’s turn. Actually I think the Neocons get the blame for the fist and third and the military gets the credit for the second and the fourth. It’s who get what for what happens next that’s the issue. Maybe the new government in Iraq will ask us to leave. If this whole affair was orchestrated by Iran, that would leave them as the most influential power in Iraq.

They finally beat and removed Saddam and we did the heavy lifting for them. Their man (once the Neocons’ man), Chalabi seems to be on the rise again. He may have position in Iraq’s government. Did he mastermind the smack down of Saddam, or was he just an instrument of the Iranians? What ever happen to the investigations of his being a spy and having friends and contacts in the highest of places? How many Necons have deleted his name and emails from their files not realizing that servers are backed up every night?
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