Sunday, January 16, 2005

Whose Term is It, Anyway?

Jeffrey Feldman over at the Daily Kos or Frameshop (I’m still trying to figure out how they are organized over there.) has a most interesting post about a scam that the Democrats has been allowing to be run on them for some time. Basically, the Democrats are responding to the right wing Republican’s agenda on their terms. (While not always, currently “right wing Republican” is redundant since the right wing faction now seems to have total control over the Grand Old Party,) Anyway, the Democrats are playing on their field, and as long as they do so, they will never have a home field advantage.

Allowing the debate to be couched in their terms provides them with an undue advantage. The Liberals are supposed to be the smart ones. All those over represented liberal professors are not doing us any good. Maybe it’s the geek factor. Geeks are smarter and will have the greater potential earning power but the jock gets the girl. Maybe our geekyness is letting them get the best of us.

At any rate, as Feldman points out in his post, we need to change the terms we use when debating the Conservatives. To use their terms is to loose points right off. Feldman latest post deals with the terms being used to build up to the privatization of Social Security such as: crisis. While I believe we should embrace (steal) the Bushies’s initiative to fix Social Security, we nonetheless should not do it with their terms.

The best phase the self-righteous right-wingers have come up with is “partial-birth abortion.” That has got to be the slickest and cagiest terms with which they have ever come up. The hucksters on Madison Avenue would be proud of their accomplishment; the Flim Flam Man considers them one of his own. If you go to the term in Wikipedia, you see that it is not a medical term, it is political rhetoric. Point for the self-righteous right.

Liberals should never use that term and they should not let anyone else do so either – especially the MSM. Doesn’t MSM know they are supposed to be bias our way? Listen MSM, the faith-based party says your bias our way and if you don’t do what they say you’ll going to go to hell. Oh, Yea! Your journalist, you are already in hell.
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