Monday, December 27, 2004

Let's do to Social Security what we did to Iraq

Over at Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall and now Kevin Drum have broached the idea that the Bushies are gearing up for the overhaul of Social Security the same way they built up to the Iraqi war.

What does that mean?

1. This is God’s work and dissention is forbidden – to question Bush is to question God.

2. The main part of the plan is to change Social Security, and no thought has been made about what will happen after the change is accomplished.

3. There will not be enough resources allocated for the aftermath of the change.

4. They'll come up with a catch-phrase such as Investments of Mass Benefit (IMB) and talk about how we will find them once the change is made.

5. Bureaucrats involved in the administration of the new Social Security program will not be allowed to retire, and those recently retired will be forced back to work.

6. If Judith Miller is not in jail, she will receive information about a governmental research report from an unnamed source. The secret report will detail a list of terrible things that will happen to Social Security if it is not change. These leaks will appear in The New York Times the Friday before top administration officials appear on the Sunday morning talk shows so that these officials can foretell of horrors if we do not change Social Security and reference the Times’ story.

7. The real problems with Social Security will not be addressed.

8. Retirees will be suffering more than they would have under the current system, and the administration will be claiming how much better off they are under the new system.

8. Anyone who is in any way effective at attacking the plan to change Social Security will be subject to the Rove treatment.

Other similarities?
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