Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Turning the Faithful

The invasion of Iraq proved how way bad our intelligence truly is. The intel really missed what was there and what wasn’t there. Why is that? We seemed to have such good intel when we were fighting the USSR during the Cold War.

The best intel is to have agents on the inside – locals that we’ve turned. As great as high tech may be, it still cannot beat a hand and eyes in the room. However, our side in the Cold War was aided by the fact that the other side was not the best of opponents. A military opponent, yes, an idealistic opponent, no. The ideals of Communism were have never been realized by any nation. The government in the USSR was corrupted. Not in the monetary sense – although it was – but in idealistic sense. By the 1960’s, any intelligent person could see that Communism as practiced in the USSR was not a viable option for any future government.

When I realized this, I knew two things: one, that Communism as it existed in the world benefited from war or the fear war. Peace was the enemy of Communism. Its leaders could not justify their extreme measures in a peaceful political environment – its shortcomings where so self-evident during a time of peace. And two, I had more to fear from anti-Communist than I did the Communist – but that’s a blog for another day.

As intelligent citizens of the USSR in important positions realized that change could come only if their government was brought down or weakened, they proved willing subjects for the CIA to turn. Unlike our turncoats that only did it for money, they did it for much more than just the money. They had given up on their current form of government; they thought what they were doing was patriotic and for a greater cause. What would we do if we knew our government was totally wrong – but could not change it after four years? How they suffered when our turncoats fingered them.

The Muslim terrorism we now face does not provide the same opportunity as our recent struggle against Communism. While the extremist may be seen with utter discuss by more moderates in the faith, they still honor them for their extreme devotion. If by some chance we kill Osama Bin Laden, don’t be surprise if all the Middle East shuts down in honor of his death. Even those Muslims who do not agree with his policies will view him as a great teacher and leader. How are we to find agents in a country such as this?

Like all religions, including my own, Islam is inspired by God, but made by man, with the same imperfections that men always make. I know, I know, men inspired by God do not make something imperfect. Hey, I live in a part of the world where many people believe very forcibly that everyone should speak English because they believe that it is the language of the Bible.

If Muslims could be convinced that they are working for a greater Middle East or pulling Islam into the modern era, perhaps the CIA would have a chance to turn someone deep in the extreme radical organizations. Islam must move into the modern era if it is going to survive. How strange, a thousand years ago, Islam was the dominant religion in the most modern country in the world, while Europe was in the mist of the “Dark Ages” where Christianity prevailed and tried to keep it dark and in ignorance.

At any rate, I doubt the CIA will find many to turn with our operations in Iraq, so the quality of our intelligence will continue as it has.
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