Monday, November 08, 2004

Long Journey Through a Cold, Dark Night

I thought about titling this "It Takes a Depression" -- but I thought better of it. I was thinking maybe it has to get really bad before it gets better...before people realize were their true home is.

Marshall seems to be winning and looking for something to grab at, and others are trying to explain what happened. Having grown up in the South, I have lived with what those who backed Kerry (or the anti-Bush vote) call the power of the moral vote. This talk of faith-based government and the election on moral issues, I have heard it all before. I called them fundamentalist back then. There really are some down here who believe that Jesus spoke English and every word of the Bible is absolute. However, they seemed to have multiplied. The long dark night that prevails in the South, now it would seem, covers the nation.

has written about the problems of Democrats is that they are too elitist and environmentally extreme. While I agree with the tree-hugging part, I take exception to the elitist remark. The point of his column was that of the poor man voting for the rich man's agenda. We Democrats have lost our rank and file. Remember the founding fathers were elitist to a man -- so we are in good company.

The masses who voted W back into office don't realize the Democratic Party is their real home. The Democratic Party had a strong based in the disenfranchised immigrants who came here during the two previous centuries. Their children voted as they did. But now there children's children have come to have something, to have position, and forget the old ways. It has all passed. Their children look around and vote their belief -- which they think is W. Hey! I smell thesis.

And don't forget about the old Dixiecrats faction of the Democratic Party that moved over to the Republican Party. That old group was big here in the South. I say good riddance to them...they were giving us a bad name. They left a bad smell in the party. And on that note Mr. Kristol, let's not forget that most Blacks vote Democratic. Hey! That makes us cool.

While the white masses may vote for W, they want to listen to Black music, talk the talk, walk the walk, but they don't want to vote the vote. Here we are, Democrats, elitist, and cool. I can live with that. We got the music, the soul, the better idea. They are so 20th century.

I only wonder how bad it will have to get before they see we were right all along. They are no different than those old communist in Russia who can't recognize that what they knew has changed. I would feel sorry for them if they where not running my country. So it goes.

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