Monday, September 27, 2004

Where is a Blog When You Need One?

I read with great interest how the Blogosphere embarrassed the mighty CBS and Dan Rather. But I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.

OK, the memos were a fake; the story was bad journalism; the high and mighty were brought down. I never cared for Rather's style anyway. So, let's give a big whoopee do for the bloggers on the right. :-o The bloggers on the left got Trent Lott for letting his mouth show his true ass, and now, the bloggers on the right have got one too -- a big one. It's just more proof of that big media is got a bad case of liberal bias. Doesn't CBS know you shouldn't scare those genetically disposed to paranoia.

But proving the memos were fake and getting confirmation from the broadcaster is not enough. Mr. Safire's column is the only one I've seen that makes the point that needs to be made. Someone forged Killian's (or whoever he is) name on bogus documents, and then they were faxed to CBS.

The link doesn't work, so here is the site:

Bingo Charlie! Someone step over the line one big time: Tried to influence the election, no big deal, but the forger/election influencer used a public conveyance to do his dirty work. I don't care if her or she was from Kerry's camp, or it was the work of Karl Rove, or an independent agent, this dude needs some serious exposure. Maybe it was that bitter nut in Texas, Burkett, but that's OK. This is America, we allow nuts to run free. Who is not the point, follow through is -- or was.

But all is quite in the Blogdom tonight. Well not quite, everyone is getting ready for the big debate, last minute shots about which ride Bush is on in Fantasy Iraq and Kerry is either flipping or flopping. The forger is forgotten is these fast news cycles. I shouldn't concern myself. I shouldn't be going up river.

"The Horror." Why do I keep coming back to "Heart of Darkness"?
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