Sunday, September 26, 2004

Gulf War I, A Lesson for All Time

I did not think too much of George H. W. Bush until his son got elected, and also, time has past. I thought the man was a intellectual light weight, but I have come to realized he had a subtle intellect I had not appreciated.

I now belief that one day great minds of many disciplines will study how he conducted the first gulf war. It may become the best example of post Cold War collaboration of many powerful nations. What is especially interesting is the report that President Bush read a report of what the cost would be if he invaded Iraq and brought down Sadam, and decided it was not worth cost. Has current events proved him right, or what?

He is proof of a saying that there is not one question on an IQ test that would indicate what kind of president a person would be exempt for the one asking for your name. The president does have to be able to sign his name.

Or, that the statement made by Lyndon Johnson: "If you can't walk into a room and tell who is on your side and who isn't, you should get out of politics." Again, not intellect, but something else, something less measurable but more importance.

George H. W. Bush listen to the better advisors, selected the better intelligence, obtained consensus from nations normally view as antagonist, and walk away with an unquestionable "Mission Accomplished".

I think history will be kinder to the father than the son.
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