Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Pearl Harbor Effect

9/11 has been compared to the surprise attach by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor which started WWII for the U.S. Our invasion of Afghanistan seemed to have the same Pear Harbor effect as in WWII, a united America against an obvious enemy. And, the rest of the world was in agreement with us – we had passed that global test I’ve heard mentioned.

I was wondering if there was not another analogy to the Pearl Harbor effect that, like the beginning of WWII, went totally unnoticed at the time. Few knew the concept of the atomic bomb when WWII started, but everybody knew it when WWII ended. The story of the bomb's development during the war is a story for the ages.

Is there some technology currently know to only a few that will become a major force in all our lives in the future – something as big as nuclear power.

Maybe it is some development in spyware that will affect us all in couple of year, or maybe nanotechnology. I don’t know; I have only ideas. I’m probably wrong about what, but am I wrong about the analogy? Is there something out there, known by few, but destine to affect many? Who knows, maybe it’s blogs. Go figure. btfoom

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