Thursday, October 21, 2004

Christ's Man in the White House

When I read Ron Suskind article, in The New York Times about George Bush's faith based presidency, it brought back many memories of growing up here in the South. That holier-than-thou attitude is quite common. We had freedom of religion. What we didn't have was freedom from religion. "And it's good you don't," I can hear them saying.

I'm sitting here drinking a vodka tonic, listening to good modern rock, proselytizing via my blog for a greater good. Three things bible-thumpers find sinful.

First, Christ taught that it does not matter who controls Iraq: the U.S, Saddam, the mullahs, or here's a long shot, an acutal democary. What is important is that you, me, or any individual has accecpted God (or Allah) into your life. Even though you may live in the worse of places and in the worse of situtations, you will feel a greater satisfaction and comfort than those that put you in that situation or hold you that place. Beside, after your pursecutors die, they will feel all the pain you felt. (Saddam will feel the pain of thousands -- if that's not hell, I don't know what is.) Heaven is not something you have to die to experience, accept God into your life, let his will be yours, and the kingdom of God is yours.

Second, the religious group in which George Bush is a notable member acts in God's name but they do not represent God any more than the Muslims who kill in Allah's name. Those righteous bastards in a rush to do right crucified Jesus.

That's all this country needs: the religious right with neocons in in control of forgien policy. If we don't vote them out of office come November, there will be hell to pay -- literally.
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