Friday, December 17, 2004

Hurt Until It Gives

While crusing the Daou Report, I ended up paying a visit to Trying to Grok and left a comment on a post about giving to a fund that would help Iraqis. However, when I returned later in the day, it was not there. I did not give my correct email address, maybe that is why it was removed. Worse stuff was written than what I wrote so it couldn't have been what I said. At any rate, I thought I would try the trackback and see it I can get that to work.

If I remember correctly my message was as follows:

You lied to me about the reason for the war in Iraq. You lied to me about the what would happen after we invaded. You lied to the troops about the armor and equipment they would need. You are lying about the cost and what is actually happening in Iraq. You are lying to yourself if you think Iraq will every be a democacy or the U.S. will be considered anything other than another occuping force. Your lying to yourself if you don't think we will all be paying for this for decades to come. And now you want me to give to a fund to help Iraqis.

What kind of fool to you think I am?

Yea, OK, I'll give something -- but not to some right wing charity which probably has a hidden agenda. Actually, I had already given for relief in Iraq, and for a friend who just when over for God knows how long.

By the Bye, I never thought a stranger in a strange land would be a right winger -- it just doesn't grok.
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