Sunday, January 23, 2005

CBS and Right Wing Bloggers

I was over at the Vodkapundit and left this comment on CBS punishment for their memo story. I liked my opening ‘graf so I’m posting it here. I have expanded on my previous comments

The big red right bloggers’ feelings of victory over the firing of four news producers at CBS reminds me of the same response of bleeding heart liberals on the firing of some cops because they did not follow procedure and a known criminal was allow to go free on technicalities. But of course, BHL don’t have the fanatical fixation on cops as the right wing bloggers do on MSM, and Bush is no harden criminal.

However, regardless of whether the memos were fakes or not, anyone who thinks Bush did not have a family connection in getting in the Guard or did not receive preferential treatment while he was in the Guard, is suffering from such as excessive level of hero worship, they are in no position to judge anybody else’s objectivity. Home cooking is as much a part of the Guard as the Minute Men, civil unrest, and natural disasters. Another term associated with the Guard is “First to Fight”. Entitlement to that term was rather dubious during Vietnam, but they have certainly earned it in Iraq. No doubt Gore, a senator’s son, got special treatment in the Army and was never allowed in harm’s way. That's the way of the military, special people get special treatment.

How ever it happened, Bush got in the Guard and served his time and that is all that matters. Vets don’t slam other vets – that is unless you’re certain swift boat Republican vets – to them party politics is more important than the honor between vets. John McCain displayed the honorable course, and the one I choose to follow.

But back to CBS and their supposedly liberal bias: You know, if you are far enough to the right the center will appear liberal to you.

I don’t give a shit about what happen to the folks at CBS. Those who use unnamed sources get what they deserve. Use of unattributable sources is not good journalism. News based on unattributable sources should go in the society or gossip section of any news organization.

Also, I fully believe that if CBS had gotten just as juicy bit of fake news on John Kerry they would have rushed just as hard and fast to broadcast as they did on Bush. It’s not liberal bias; it’s the overwhelming desire to get a scoop. Scoops are rare and greatly prized by reporters; it’s their Holy Grail.

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