Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri Schiavo and the Matrix

Terri Schiavo: may her body rest in peace for her self is already gone. I was some what shocked and awed by the behavior of Congress and the President the weekend of March 18 when they had a special session to pass a bill for a federal judge to review the Schiavo case and the President made a point of returning to the White House to sign it. Why did they do this?

Was the religious right just trying to flex its muscle? Where the Republicans satisfying them on this because they could not satisfy them on their other wants? The Republicans owed them something; they put them in office. If this did not involve a family’s tragedy, it would be laughable. I was impressed with what the Republicans pulled off the weekend of March 18th, but I could not understand why.

And then it came to me: the Matrix. We thought a big complex computer was going to take over; some massive, self-sustaining artificial intelligence would eventually rule us all. But no, the takeover is the final solution of the massive right wing conspiracy. Imagine a large hospital like building but the only patients are thousands of brain dead people hooked up to machines that keep them alive – the pods would come later. A whole crop of Baby Boomers are reaching the age when they would be likely candidates for an eternity with a machine. That huge statistical anomaly ought to be swell the ranks of the pod people.

Of course, some would not be completely brain dead. Some people would be fully conscious but trapped in their body, unable to move, unable to turn off the machine, unable to do anything but stare at the ceiling – until the machine turned them to prevent bed sores – then they would stare at bed after bed of other people hooked up to a machine. Maybe the person next to them would be conscious but unable to move either. Periodically they could stare at each other. What would they think about? The dreams or thought exercise or mind world which was the Matrix would come later, also – that program is not ready—yet. Living wills and a meaningful natural life and death mean nothing when you are holier than Thou.

And when we are able to come up with a machine that will take an egg and sperm from conception through gestation to birth – thus no abortions either natural or planned – the cycle will be complete. Why wake them up? First you take the ones in a vegetative state and then you take the healthy ones. Keep them in an unconscious state to do the Lord’s work – in the Matrix.

Remember it was religious intolerance that crucified Jesus Christ. That’s a little fact the organized churches have shied away from. What was true then is still true today – after you’ve taken the Son of God what’s ruining the lives of the lesser of His children. And since the machines will be on the side of self righteous right, Neo will not be on the good guys’ side – in the Matrix. You’ve been cheering for the wrong side all this time. What do you say to that, Mister Anderson?
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