Monday, October 10, 2005

Mr. Blog Isn't Going to Take it Anymore

A blurb in Editor and Publisher about Mary Mapes new book referring to story by Howared Kurtz of the Washington Post (why don’t they link) shows her true self. She appears to be attacking bloggers in her book for her own crash-burn over the 60 Minuets story on Bush’s National Guard service and seems to confirm the old adage that when a person is confronted by a catastrophe they either learn from it and become stronger and wiser or they join the ranks of the walking wounded for the rest of their life. The slant of the E&P story seems to indicate that Ms. Mapes is of the latter in her response to her journalistic embarrassment and dismissal from CBS.

Let’s see if I got this right. As the producer, she is responsible for going on nation wide television charging the President of the United States got special treatment in the National Guard, and she did not have the proof to back up her talking head, Dan Rather, said. They had some faxes. The mistake was not checking out the facts before going public. She seems to think the mistake was not standing up to the bloggers.

I wonder if she is taking natural drugs she heard about over the internet thinking she now has the body of an eighteen-year-old girl. I get stuff all the time advising me how I could stay stiff and please all manner of women if I would just click on their site. I'm sure there are plenty of women that will testify no matter how much e-mail like this I get, it still will never happen. It will never be true.

If I’m sure of one thing it’s that there has always been home cooking in the National Guard – always has been and maybe always should be – so the gist of her story is correct. The son of a major politician, especially the son of a senator or house member, but also the sons of local or state politician – remember the home cooking remark – will always get special treatment in the Guard. (This is a different kind of affirmative action.) Maybe that’s her problem: She knows she was right, but she can’t prove it.

I think she is operating under the old paradigm. She did not realize things had changed. She thought she could spew the same old story with the unattributable source and think it would be taken without question. From the Kurtz story, I learned that the CBS internal investigation came to the conclusion of shoddy journalism.

But she will have none of that, she blames her fellow MSM members for not standing with her against the attacking blogs. Well I’m sorry Ms. Mapes, Mr. Blog isn’t going to stand for it any more. Mr. Blog is going to go over to the window, open it up, stick his head out and yell: “I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!”

Only Mr. Blog is not only going to the window to do his yelling.

Blogs are the best thing to happen to journalism since the First Amendment.
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