Sunday, October 09, 2005

For the not so little people...

I like to thank the not so little people that made all this possible

George Bush and his Necon foreign policy experts should be recognized in Mohamed ElBaradei’s acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Bushies gave proof to his and his organizations efforts. Obtaining proof in this arena is no small accomplishment.

We can only wonder if The International Atomic Energy Agency’s effectiveness in regards to Iran, North Korea, or other countries trying to obtain nuclear weapons. After the euphoria over the thaw of the Cold War, I do not wish to return to the shelters, to duck and cover, don’t be a “pinko”, you with us or agin’ us life. Am I only to trade a fear of all out annihilation for one a random individual tragedy?

You know it’s gonna happen. Somewhere, somehow, somebody or some group is going to set off nuclear weapon. Of course, this come from someone who grew up during the height of the Cold War and always thought, when I was young, that one day me and everybody else in the world would have to go through a nuclear war. It hasn’t happened yet and is certainly looks like the threat of an all out nuclear exchange between nations is relatively remote for now, so I should be thankful for that.

The current nuclear threat is more a tool of terror than that of annihilation. Proximity and drift footprint are of importance here. In the previous threat, the realization of nuclear winter pretty much seal everyone’s fate to something less than wining the lottery.

But I’m being dog poop at a garden party. This is a celebration of the Nobel Peace Prize. For once, we have irrefutable proof that the sanctions do work. A country under the controlled of one man can be made to undo what he had previously done and not do it or anything like it again. And we own all our thanks to George Bush.

I was as surprised as everyone – excluding those few knowledgeable spies and professional analyzers in the CIA and State Department to whom the Necons refuse to listen – when no WMD’s were found. Saddam had them. We all saw the dead bodies of people he had gassed on TV. (Was this another scam of that despicable (liberal) MSM. First, they fake the moon landing, and now, this. It’s just this sort of thing that will put an end to America as we know it. They should be taken off the air, and we just get our news from Pat Robinson and Rush Limbaugh.)

As much as the right likes to criticize the UN and the scandal of Oil for Food program, we all have to admit that in regards to Saddam and Iraq, the sanctions were doing what they were intended to do: prevent Saddam from developing WMD’s, especially nuclear weapons.

While the Nobel people may have given the Peace Prize as a political statement against George Bush, they owe him a debt of gratitude for showing what an excellent job the IAEA was doing. Let us hope its effectiveness will continue into the future.
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