Sunday, February 05, 2006

Mohammed Cartoon

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Let’s see if I got this right. An organization published a cartoon portraying the vilest aspect of a major religion and in doing so becomes the object of that self, same behavior.

A religion that stands by and allows sending its children to kill themselves and others with the promise of forty virgins to fuck in heaven is protesting the depiction of this arrogance and Godless behavior.

The cartoons are not an insult to either Allah or Mohammed. The terrorist and Muslim extremists who hide behind Allah and Mohammed to justify their behavior are the butt of this joke. They are insulting Allah and Mohammed much more than any cartoon, and my faith tells me they will find in the next life something quite different from that for which they are sending others to kill and die.

But it is more than just the depiction of some religious supreme being or founding human being, this is a clash of cultures. Both the caricature of major religions beliefs in cultures emphasizing the individual and freedom and the prohibition against their depiction by a culture that emphasizes central control and the group are basic to this little news cycle.

Is the depiction of Allah or Mohammed by a mere periodical more or less insulting than a national leader saying the Holocaust never occurred? Or, to elect a government that is sworn to destroy another nation? Show me the sensitivity.

This confrontation is proof that George Bush’s Neocon inspired Middle East doctrine will never work – at least not for another 100 years.
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