Saturday, March 25, 2006

As Free As It Gets

March 19, 2006, three years and counting in the Neocons’ strategy of introducing democracy and individual freedom in the Middle East as a way to defeat the dominance of theocracy and dictatorships prevalent in the region. The strategy at first glance – the same way it was theorized and planned – is a failure. War is easy compared to maintaining freedom and peace. Nothing ruins a theory like reality.

The Iraqis are using their newfound freedom to select their own future oppression. The Shiites will apply their majority to control the future of Iraq. The mullahs will control the government as they do in Iran – unless civil war blows the whole thing apart.

Rather than a favorable turn of introducing American style democracy in the Middle East, the Pottery Barn chards are the altered balance of power among literally age-old rivalries, which could cost us all dearly in the coming years. The Neocon theory that just keeps on giving.

However, Iraqis are exercising their newfound freedom, in spite of the current dangerous situation. It is right there in front of us. One aspect of this new freedom is the spread of cell phones and satellite television, and of course the free vote. They are exercising their new found freedom in ways that will only become apparent after it is loss.

But with any open society comes the freedom to exploit and victimize for individual profit or for dedicated groups to push their own private agendas – thus, the insurgency, the kidnapping, and the killings. If the Americans had taken absolute control of Iraq like a conquering army, there would be no insurgency, no mass looting, and of course, no freedom.

While they do not long for the return of Saddam, Iraqis do long for the return of law and order as any normal person would. The Iraqi current freedom will be the first victim. Its loss will be welcomed because included with the loss of freedom will be the gaining of security from further harm and danger.

The time of the Americans in Iraq will become known as the freest they have ever been or ever will be.

Perhaps, just perhaps, their time of freedom, the time the Americans were there, may be enough. The idea of individual freedom like a seed has been planted. Whether the experience of freedom was long enough to have an affect, only time will tell.

If it does, the descendent of Neoconservatism will claim credit for their brilliant strategy. The mullah and theocrats will be faced with a problem similar to that the British faced in America two hundred years ago. The hate they have been teaching in their schools will turn on them, as well it should.

You can't put the freedom genie back into the bottle. It is like a Trojan horse from which will spill out all manner of expression, which will problem any oppressive society. It is by far our most powerful weapon.
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