Monday, April 24, 2006

Karl Rove, Deja Vu All Over Again

Karl got no demotion. Karl has other more important work to do than any domestic policy. While Karl may have failed as a domestic policy wonk with the botched Social Security revamp and Katrina response among others, he is the current past master in politics. And that is where he is needed. Flash the political bat sign; Karl needs to don the black cowl, the black uniform, evoke the black arts and come to the rescue of the administration. Take out your notepads, the lesson from Karl is about to begin.

The administration cannot allow the Republicans to lose the majority in either house of Congress in the coming mid-term election. If the Democrats win the majority in either house, then they gets to be chairperson of all the committees in that house; the chairman can initiate investigations; and the chairman can force witnesses to testify under oath.

If the Democrats win the majority in only one house, they could make the Bushies last two years a living hell – televised nightly. They will not look good even on Fox News. The administration will be forced to testify before committees about practices that never need be questions should the Republicans maintain control. Even if Bush has lost a significant section of the Republican Party, he needn’t worry about investigation as long as they have the majority in Congress … if only. Republicans honor Reagan’s memory by not speaking (or too closely investigating) bad about one of their own.

The tactic of getting initiatives on the ballot that was sure to bring in their base such as gay marriage and abortion in the last election was pure genius. Those who live in a state or district in which an election for a member to Congress is up for grabs or the incumbent in viewed as weak are in for a show. The Karl Show.

In Tennessee, Bill Frist, the majority leade – in name if not in accomplishments – is not running for re-election, so the senate seat is up for grabs. I’m hopeful I’ll get to see Karl’s magic. I may not; it might be all behind the scene with negatively laced push polls, stoking of NRA members, or fundamentalist churches, and I’ll wake up the first Wednesday in November with a Republican senator for the next six years and wonder how and why.

Harold Ford Jr. seems to be the major candidate from the Democratic side. Although, Harold is carrying some heavy baggage with his family name – seeing as his relatives may be doing time for malfeasance while in office – that’s not where he need and worry as much as you might think.

Karl’s genius is to attack his opponent’s strength. What is Harold Ford’s greatest political strength? Don’t take this lightly. This is the man who ran against Max Cleland’s patriotism and won.

I can’t wait to see. I hope I see it coming. If I do, I’ll try and keep you informed.

Same Bat Time; same Bat Channel. (I’ve always wanted to use that.)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really think it's worth the effort for anyone to talk about Democratic party strategy for November, when the Republicans are protected by audit-free electronic voting? They are going to rig the outcome in their favor.

The Democrats have no chance of retaking the house or the senate while there is no ability to verify election outcomes. If you want to talk about Rovian misdirection, this is the biggest one of all - while the Democrats get gleeful about polls, he sits back and gets ready to pick the next Supreme Court justices.

And when people do grumble about this in November, it will be way too late.

(Or do you think the Republican party can be trusted with the elections process?)

4/25/2006 10:48 AM  

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