Saturday, April 29, 2006

The More Better Bush

The sudden three prong attack on high gas prices – is this the new and improved Bush? Are we seeing the Josh Bolten effect? President Bush responding to a crisis. I'm shocked and awed.

All the media are saying what Bush is offering will have little to any effect on high gas prices and is at best window dressing. What they fail to see or they refuse to comment since it would validate the liberal bias charge – if only their problem was liberal biasness, we would be better served – is that Bush is doing something. What we are not seeing is poor people crying out at the pump for relief while Bush flies by overhead looking down on them.

We will need to watch for the More Better Bush in the coming days: the proactive Bush, the in charge Bush, the decider deciding Bush, the go forward with the President you have instead of the one you want Bush. While Bush has always had a political spin master, now maybe, he has got himself a policy spin master.

Watch for Bush to come out on the attack, the attack Bush (Bushwhack?). The previous strategy blaming the liberals and their party, the Democrats, for what's ailing America or the scare strategy will have to be replaced with the actually doing something strategy. Substance is not as important as looking responsive and engaged. He will become the man of action his former wonks fail to portray.

The ideology of the Neocon’s is over; he is ready to play hardball. And he will be facing the hardest ball he has ever played if the Democrats win either house come this November. The Power=>Corruption curse has gravely afflicted the Republican Party and most of those birds will come to roost at the White House. We will watch it unfold on the MSM as we have done before – LBJ’s Curse on the Second Term – however this time there will be the net and the blogs.

That is if the Republicans lose either house.

Come on More Better Bush.
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