Saturday, July 29, 2006

Toto, the curtain if you please

What do you do when you find Thomas Friedman of the NYTimes agreeing with you?

Friedman wrote in his column titled On the Eve of Madness – which is behind the TimesSelect wall but it appeared in syndication in my local newspaper – echoed much of what I’ve been writing lately in my two previous posts.

The Shiites, headquartered in Iran, have been using the anti-Israeli meme to whip up fervor so as to consolidate their power behind the scene just as the Neocons used the 9/11 meme to get us into Iraq where they were suppose to institute a new freedom and democracy that would change the Middle East. The Iranians can celebrate Mission Accomplished way much more so than the Neocons.

However, the Neocons’ overthrow of Saddam may very well have a lasting impact on the Middle East – albeit not the impact they had hoped. Saddam’s fears have become the Neocons’ fears as well ours. Prior to our takeover, Saddam’s greatest fears in order of priority were an insurgency, the threat from Iran, and an invasion by the U.S. Was our removal of Saddam that contributed greatly to Iran’s grand scheme just a coincidence?

The Neocons did not want to make the same mistakes in Iraq that their hated nemesis, Clinton, did in the Baltic. Well, they got their wish; they didn’t make the same mistakes. They made worse mistakes.

The coming war in the Middle East between the Shia and the Sunnis is going to be bloody, local, and as long lasting. We are talking age-old rivalries here the likes of which have only been seen in areas of ethnic cleansing. Friedman mentions in his column that Sunnis captured by Shiites in Iraq and their torture by drilling holes in their head with power tools. Don’t believe I’ve seen any of that in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Don’t the Sunnis in Syria realize the displaced they’ve been harboring will come to dictate terms within their own country?

How long can the whipped up hatred of the Israelis divert the Arab world? Surly they will come to recognize a greater, closer, more insidious threat with in their midst. How long before they no longer heed the “pay no attention to the man working the controls behind the curtain” claim.

Where is Toto when you need him?
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