Sunday, May 13, 2007

Calling All Bloggers, No Vacations for Anyone

If it is important for the Iraqi Parliament to remain at work and not take a vacation this summer, how about the U.S. Congress and the President? Why should anyone in America take a vacation while our boys and girls are giving their all with repeated tours, extended stays, and stop loss in Iraq?

If our troops can't take a vacation over there, then neither should we over here. Taking a vacation is a traitorous act. If you are planning on going to the beach or Disneyworld this summer, you are an agent for terrorist. Support the troops, stay home.

"Stay the course", don't desert, "surge" your work in the "new way forward" by not taking a vacation.

Calling all bloggers, get out the postings. Get the word out in the Blogosphere. Cause a stink for a good cause, the exploitation by the administration of the military in Iraq. Contact your reps in Congress and tell them that the right thing for the Iraqi Parliament to do is right thing for the U.S. Congress to do. Also, there will be no vacation to Crawford, Texas, this summer. Sorry George, that brush and undergrowth will just have to go unattended.

With U.S. policy in its last throes, there is no time for vacations. No vacations for anyone until the mission is over whether it is accomplished or not.

I've been banging away all over the internet trying to drum up support for "No Vacations for Congress" and so far I got nothing. I posted and commented something like the above on all the "A" listed blogs trying to galvanize the blogosphere for a no-vacation Congress but I don't think I had any effect. So it goes. (Vonnegut's passing is still fresh.)

Somebody needs to do something in Iraq or something is going to happen in Iraq.

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