Sunday, April 01, 2007

Government Lawyers – of all things

Waiting for LBJ’s Curse on the Second Term to be fulfilled, I wondered if it would be something from the rapid run up to the Iraqi war and the fixing of the intelligence, or maybe the Plame name leak, or perhaps the googling of phone conversations without any authorization.

The secret prisons and the snatching of people off the street to take them there and the most indefensible prison for a country conceived on the notion of unalienable rights, Gitmo, ought to be fertile ground for bringing a president down. I thought the use of signing statements to rewrite what would shortly become law certainly begged impeachability.

But no. The big scandal is the firing of government lawyers. No one argues that Bush does not have the power to do so. The Patriot Act gave him the power to do so without Senate approval. The controversy is over how he fired the lawyers he had the power to fire anyway. Of all things, why this?

No matter how much I study Americans, I can continue to be amazed at what sets them off.

Is this a great country, or what!
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