Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is this a great country, or what?

Don’t you just love this Bush administration? They got their saying, "New Way Forward!", long before they had any plan. At the time of this post, they still don’t have a plan. Get the jingle, and then worry about the plan. Is that not symptomatic of this administration? Appearance comes before substance. And substance so far has been naïve ideology that never works in the real world – that’s the kicker.

The military maintained its professionalism while being ill used by political leadership. Did Rumsfeld’s less-is-more military take Iraq as proof of his design or did the military adjust and overcome insufficient support a modern military needs? Have the Neocons provided proof backhandedly of the Powell Doctrine? If only they could get the right jingle, everything would be OK.

If only the purpose of government was to get elected, Bush would be one of the greatest presidents we have ever had. But it isn’t, and he isn’t. Bush has learned as many before him, it is one thing to take over the government, it is a whole other thing to govern.

Other jingles the Bush administration was considering:

It's the liberals fault.

Liberals are so dastardly; you can't even see how it's all their fault.

Think how bad things would be if that flip-flopper Kerry was president.

Think how bad things would be if that tree-hugging, do-gooder, anti-global warmer Gore had been president all this time.

Don't you just love hating Hillary?

We are right; reality is wrong.

Sunnis and Shiites are killing each other over there so they won't have to kill each other over here.

When Iraqi stand up, we’ll be fired upon.

We are going to be victorious, because we have better jingles.

You don't need a good plan if you've got a good jingle.

The Mission was Accomplished, but all those Democrats in the military lost it.

We are not winning; we are not losing; but we are still dying.

By the way, “we are not winning; we are not losing,” is the strategy for insurgency and guerilla warfare. While a small faction can never win, they are not losing as long as they survive. Not winning/losing is losing for a super power. The question is “have we lost?”.

Here’s another jingle for the Bush administration:

Don’t worry; we’ve identified in the Green Zone all the flat roofs from which we can helicopter evacuees.
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