Sunday, November 12, 2006

Present at the Minor Revolution

The columnist of the NYTimes, Frank Rich and MoDo, mention in the post that the Bushies got their base out to vote. It just wasn’t enough.

Others who had had enough and don’t normally vote, turned out in droves in a measly mid-term election and voted for the Bushies opponents who happen to be Democrats. Even when Republicans said they weren’t Bushies, they were sacrificed to make a statement. Bush stayed the course. The voters cut and ran to someone else.

I’m cynical. I though of titling this post “Let the investigations begin.” I believe the next two years will be given over to what is yet to be discovered and become the MSM and blogosphere feeding frenzy that will dominate the news cycle week after week, month after month. Having seen it in Watergate and then Clinton’s impeachment, I’m not looking forward to the circus that is about to unfold on the American public.

Hopefully, Gates as Sec. of Def. will be confirmed by the lame-duck Republican majority, because there is a bigger issue than what Bush and the Neocons did wrong or illegal. What is going to happen not only in Iraq, but in the whole of the Middle East is a question that needs addressing.

Bush Jr., the Neocons, and Rumsfled in particular were going to prove what a wimp Bush Sr. was. Instead, they’ve prove what a subtle genius he was and a master at statesmanship. Hopefully, his old team of advisors can come up with a solution that will not only save the Bush name and legacy, but the rest of the world as well.

When the Bush team suggests a measured solution to the Iraqi situation, I hope the Democratic majority will not be caught up in such an investigative, get-even fever they refuse to accept good advice because it comes from Republicans. Don’t make the mistake the Bushies made in regard to Clinton’s advice on leaving the White House.

Message to the rest of the world: You’re going to have to take care of yourself; we’re going to be busy in one of our cyclical feeding frenzy that we are wont to do.
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