Monday, October 09, 2006

If Only Clinton Had Suggested Iraq

North Korea fires off a low powered nuke so low it was hardly detectable and China loses face. I’ve been listening to the news today and that’s what I’m supposed to take away from this. All the major talking heads are condemning what was inevitable – given the current level of diplomacy.

The Bushies cut and run from anything the Clintons did without first checking its merit. However, it was not the last time the Bushies put ideology before reality. Less see…keep an eye on Islamic terrorist and if you deal with the North Koreans, it’ll slow down their development of an atomic bomb. What else did Clinton warn Bush about that was dropped like contaminated spinach and will come back to haute us all?

Why Oh Why didn’t Clinton suggest to Bush that he invade Iraq, overthrow Saddam, and then try and set up a democracy in land of lethal sectarian differences. Saddam’s Iraq would still be standing if Clinton had just suggested it to Bush because we know they would have nothing to do with anything Clinton touched.

Remember THE SANCTIONS WORKED – no WMD’s or mobile bio-labs where ever found. Bush’s invasion proved that without a shadow of a doubt. I’m still PO’ed that ElBaradei didn’t use my suggestion for his Peace Prize speech. You don’t get the kind of proof Bush provided very often, and it don’t look like he’s going to get much of anything good out of it for all his efforts, so a little “thank you” would’ve been nice.

Saddam would still be taking big with all his bluster and show, but now we know it was all a bluff and not a real threat. Of course, the Shiites and the Kurds would still be oppressed, but it seems someone is going to be oppressed and abused no matter what we do.

And now, just as I’m trying to understand the age-old hatred between the Sunnis and Shiites and how that affects policy, I’ve going to have to learn the ancient relationship between the Chinese and Koreans, and how one can make the other lose face.

China has no face and Bush has no voice with North Korea.

Why doesn’t China just remove Kim and put someone they could manage in his place? It’s worked so well for the U.S. in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Russia in Afghanistan, the French in Vietnam, the British in India – and oh by the way in China.

China needs to get bogged down in a small foreign war if it really wants to claim its place among the super powers. You’re not one of us until you get into a situation where you can’t really use your super powers, you can’t win conventionally, and you can’t lose politically. You’re about to take off economically, this is the perfect time to ruin it all for generations to come.

Given Bush’s track record in foreign policy, things can be make worse. Let’s see them try to run foreign policy while answering questions from all the investigations and testimonies they will be required after the Republicans lose one of the houses in Congress come this November and the Democratic chairmen take control of committees.

That is unless Karl Rove proves he truly deserves the title of the modern Machiavelli. I’m waiting and watching, Karl.
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