Sunday, September 10, 2006

Waiting for Uncle Karl’s Other Shoe to Drop

If Karl Rove exercises a strategy that keeps the Republicans in power come this November, he truly deserves the crown of our modern day Machiavelli. I used to think that was Henry Kissinger, but if Rove’s party is victorious, he deserves the title.

I really don’t know which scenario is worse. The Republicans keep the majority and Bush and his foreign policy WINOs (wonks in name only) are allowed to continue stumbling their way through the next two years, or they lose the majority in one of the houses of Congress, investigations and inquires begin and the Bushies must spend all the time fighting to stay alive politically and the rest of the world goes on without American leadership (or without American miss-leadership in Bush’s case).

Vietnam fell because of a power vacuum in Washington after Nixon’s resignation. Something similar could happen if Bush has to fight an impeachment investigation or the loss of his key advisors due to investigations from Congress. Had a powerful President been sitting in Washington in the mid-1970's, South Vietnam might be a successful free country today. South Korea has a vibrate economy and is a modern country because the U.S. protected it after the Korean War and pumped it with lots of relief aide. The same thing could have happened in South Vietnam. Power vacuums in Washington are not to be taken lightly.

If I know my modern Machiavellian, Rove has a surprise for us in October. He has identified state elections that will be the targets of the Rovian strategy. Things will occur that the opponent will not have time to respond before the election. They will occur in one or all of the following:

1. ABC may edit the movie “Path to 9/11” so it is more acceptable to Democrats but copies of the original version of the movie have been distributed and will be shown to private audiences with all its propaganda and hidden messages. The original version may be rerun by local TV stations whose owners support Bush and the Republicans.
2. In conservative, fundamentalist church groups, charges will be made to the faithful about the Democratic candidate and that members need to serve God by voting for the Republican candidate.
3. Ugly push polls will be run spreading ruinous rumors about Democratic candidates.
4. Bugging of the Republican candidate’s offices that will be blamed on the Democratic candidate and cause a sympathy vote for the Republican candidate.
5. Embarrassing memos about the Republican candidate will surface, be published by local MSM, proven to be false, and blamed on the Democratic candidate.
6. Attacks on the Democratic candidate supposedly strong points. (Examples: swift boats against Kerry’s patriotism, questions about a judge in Alabama intent for children who was known as a defender of children, the patriotism of disabled veteran Max Cleland of Georgia)
7. And of course, tricks we have not seen before like the ones I’ve just listed.

Stay tuned.
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