Saturday, December 23, 2006

Time's Person of the Year

I was shocked and awed upon learning I was Time's Person of the Year. I have reserved a tux at the rental in my size, found a sitter for the dogs, and am anxiously awaiting my invite for me and the fam’ to New York City for the big party.

When I first saw the cover of Time, my first thought was that the monitor on the cover had the worse case of glare I've ever seen, and then I thought maybe my computer had been awarded the Person of the Year, but no, it was me. We have met the enemy and he is us, comes to mind.

I find Time's tribute a dubious distinction. Here we are supposed to be the new power broker, and sure, we brought down Trent Lott and Dan Rather among others, but the world is going to hell in the Middle East and there was nothing we could do to stop it. I feel like some guy who was given an award for attentiveness to air security Sunday morning in Honolulu just before the Japanese bombed Pear Harbor – Time’s cover like accolades and congratulations as Japanese planes drone over head.

The blogsphere raised a racket about Trent Lott's comments in December 2002 to the point he had to step down as majority leader, but was unable to check the intelligence farce that lead to the invasion of Iraq the next year. We’re the new wise guy in the ‘hood – yea, sure. If Lott had remained in power, would the Republican Congress been able to stand up to the administration more than it did? Was what he said worse than what Bush and his Neocon wonks did? We can only wonder.

We received the acknowledgement of Time as a force to be reckoned with in regards to the MSM, but at the same time, we now sit at the power players’ table as guilty as the MSM we condemn for allowing Iraq to happen.

Most of Time’s story on You, Person of the Year (When you phase it that way, it is always someone else and never anybody particularly.), is about the part of the internet I rarely visit. While I had seen lonelygirl15 cropping up all over the indices and roundups, I didn’t get into it until the story appeared in the NYTimes, and then I was interested because I appreciate a quality spin or scam (spin’m?) It’s always amazing whether it’s Karl Rove or the lonelygir15 team.

Time went on about Web 2.0, the new new thing. We’ll see, but I wonder will we have seen? Nothing is more quaint than reading yesterday’s predictions about today. The older they are, the quainter they become – especially when communication, technology, and people are concerned. If you are reading this on your Dick Tracy wrist communicator, I stand corrected. What I’m looking forward to is that always connected, ever refreshing newspaper that made a brief appearance in the movie “Minority Report”. When can I get me one of those?

However, the immediate future trumps cyberspace sooths. Will the escalating war in the Middle East be the major factor in next year’s news cycle or will the investigations by Democrat committee chairmen lead to a scandal followed by a MSM feeding frenzy and blog storm and eventually to even the third impeachment in my life time?

Maybe all of the above. A major world crises and the United States embroiled in an all consuming internal affair sounds like a situation made for history.

Only time will tell. Stay tuned.
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