Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bogus Leaked Memos is My Shtick

I know when the Bush administration will admit that what is going on in Iraq is a civil war. When it's too late. Given their previous performance, they will come to realize what is happening in Iraq after it is too late to do anything about it. Since the invasion, the Bush administration has been responding to events instead of making them happen.

On Nov. 29, NYTimes published a memo supposedly leaked to one of its reporters. The accompanying story cites the memo and what it is supposed to mean, especially with Bush's meeting with Maliki in Jordan.

On Dec. 2, Rumsfeld’s memo followed, if not on the front page, posted on the web site. There’s nothing like getting a parting shot in on your replacement. Whatever Gates decides to do, Rummy can say: I said it first.

Of course the most significant newsworthy aspect of these memos went – as usual – unreported. Who leaked the memos and why? Were they leaked or planted? Is the administration testing the political waters on possible action it could take in regards to Iraq? Is Cheney or another administration official going on the Sunday news interview shows and wants to be able to reference the leaked memo.

They've done as much before, and could you expect the administration to do otherwise, given their "stay the course" mentality. Why, oh why weren't they "stay the course" before the idea of invading Iraq came along?

However, one characteristic of the memo makes it look genuine. Never mentioned is an alternative to getting Maliki to separate his government from the extremist like Sadr. What are the Bushies going to do if Maliki decides to "stay the course"?
The memo has the same old idealism that got the Neocons in Iraq in the first place and their naïve plan for post hostilities that got us to where we are now.

Most importantly, no plan is offered for what happens if the civil war gets worse.

Bush calls Iraq Study Group's suggestion unrealistic. "This business about graceful exit just simply has no realism to it whatsoever." Well, if there's anybody that knows anything about lack of realism, it's Bush, but he wouldn't know graceful even if it happen to be his father – which recent history has proven it is.

Bush and his Neocon wonks thought Bush senior was a wimp. Even I thought he was an intellectual lightweight, but Bush junior has proven us all wrong. The old man is a subtle genius at least in foreign policy.

I blogged it before, and I'll say it say it again: The first Gulf War will prove to be a case study in how a short military action should be done. Of course this will be all forgotten when the Iraqi civil war escalates into an all out WWIII, centered in the Middle East, but involving the whole world. The center for our religion and energy – could it get any worse? There's your legacy, Bush.

Did you see that Saudi Arabia is arming the anti-Hezbollah forces in Lebanon much more aggressively than they’ve ever done before? Or, that Maliki's canceling his dinner invite was not a snub to Bush but to Jordan's King Abdullah because he is a Sunni. And the Hadley memo shows the Bushies want to separate Maliki from his Shiite friends. They were out of touch with reality before the war, and the memos shows they are still out there in idealismland. Oh, this war is escalating, baby, and we’ve got Wrongway Peachfuzz at the helm.

And don’t leave without checking out my own bogus leaked memo.
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