Sunday, February 04, 2007

Reaping the Whirlwind

When I posted my 8th blog ever Reap the Whirlwind, back in 2004 on the third anniversary of 9/11, that Islam would rue the days they taught hate in their religious schools, I didn’t realize I’d see the beginning of all that payback.

This year’s
National Intelligence Estimate painted a grim picture for what is about to happen in Iraq. Turkey planning to move into Northern Iraq should any sort of breakup or partitioning occur, Saudi Arabia supporting the Sunnis in Iraq even if the Americans don’t leave, and Iran ever presents in Southern Iraq and they are all taught "to hate" is to be closer to God. The whirlwind is returning home with a deadlier vengeance than the violence inflicted in America and Europe.

Perhaps innocents do get virgins in heaven when they martyr, but what happen to those that send their children to die and what happens to those that allow that sort of thing to go on?

While the teaching of hatred was for non-Islamics such as the Americans and Europeans, hatred has a way of finding its own outlet, as though all that stress and tensions in those living in the hell that is now in the Middel East finds an easy pathway for expression.

Added to that the fighting between Hamas and Fatah, and it would seem Islam is headed for a religious crisis. Even the recent attempt to bring Israel back into the conflict equation did not succeed. Perhaps cooler heads in Israel have recognized its electric rod role in the Middle East.

Many a Machiavellian would say let the followers of Islam turn on themselves, we will benefit from their self-destruction. The chance that the oil will be disrupted scares more people than it excites with opportunities.

This may do more for the development of alternative sources of energy than all the conservationists, anti-global warmers, and America first-ers have been trying to do all these years put together.

Leave Iraq. Leave now. Leave Afghanistan. Whatever good we could do, we’ve done. Come home and get ready for the big one. Leave the Muslims to themselves.


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