Sunday, March 13, 2016

Females Rule

March 8 was International Women's Day, originally called International Working Women's Day, and it is celebrated on this day every year.  I would not have noticed but the NYTimes had a bunch of stories regarding women’s rights and history and I could not miss it.

Being a true believing American, I support women’s rights to the fullest.  This may be because I grew up with a professional, working mother.

And so here it goes:

I looked back through my previous post because I thought I had discussed this before, but I could not find it.  I posted it all over the internet in comments sections but for some reason not in my own blog – go figure.  Basically, if you look at life on this planet as a whole: Females Rules!

This observation came about because some Fox News pundit was commenting on a feminist rights story in which he mentioned the role of the lion as the “king of beast”.  Well, I know enough about the natural world to know that the lion is not only not the king of beast, he is not even the ruler in his own family group.  Female lions rule the localized family or pride.

The male sits off to the side, looking all important, but females run the local family.  The male may help with protection and sometimes a good kill, but females decide when and where the family move, eats, and everything else.  The males supply sperm – when the females want it.

And lions are not alone in their way of life.  If you look at all animal species in the world as a whole, from bugs to the higher life forms such as lions and the grazing herbivores they prey on, all family groups are run by females.  While our species in not unique, we are a notable exception because of the dominance of male rule and the subjection of females in societies all through history.

Imagine if you will:

A world in which like most animal species on this planet, females ruled.  The leaders of all countries would be female.  I wonder if we would have as many dictators as we do or is that a male thing?  Females would hold all administrative positions, own and run all businesses.  The military would be all female as well as the local police and fire departments.

What would that world be like?  As for men in this world, they would supply sperm – when a female wanted it.


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