Saturday, May 19, 2007

Dear Senator Clinton,

(I sent this to Senator Clinton. She is playing this whole voting for Iraq all wrong. I submitted it at her Senatorial site and quickly got a reply. I don't live in her state, and although she appreciated my email, she had to concentrate on her constituency. I can understand that she's got a lot on her plate right now, but that doesn't reduce the import of my message: Don't apologize or make excuses for the vote to support Bush.

At any rate, here's my message to Senator Clinton.)

Do not apologize for voting to authorize President Bush's invasion of Iraq.

Never regret or apologize for standing up for the security of the United States of America. Hope that when you become President, you can depend on those of the other party – especially those of opposite ideologies who seem to have a personal hate for you – will support you during a time of national crisis just as you did President Bush after 9/11.

Foregoing party politics in a time of national threat is what makes Americans different. Your vote in support of the President needs no further analysis than standing in defense of our country.

You made your decision with the information provide you by the administration. 9/11 was in the state you represent in Congress. To not come to its defense would be the greater wrong.

Promise the opposing party (and the rest of us), you will not let your own political leanings color the intelligence to the point that it is not just wrong, it is misleading.

Promise all of us you will not be so afraid of national embarrassment or loss of face over a decision you made that you would jeopardize America's integrity, security, and image in the world. (Bush's embarrassment is no where near what Senator Clinton suffered at the hands of her husband, so this would not be a stretch for her.)

As evil as Saddam was (and he certainly was a tyrant and persecutor of his people), he was not a threat to the United States. While we know that now with an absolute certainty we did not have before the invasion, we had available then serious doubts, but ideology as a driving force pushed out rational, professional vetting of intelligence. Promise not to cherry pick the intelligence to justify your ideology.

Your vote in support of the President was not wrong. The bill to authorize the invasion of Iraq was. Using national and international resolution to solve the problem of terrorism for some pet peeve against Saddam is wrong.

Lots of luck – you're going to need it.

(That's what I wrote her. I gave here my real name, mailing address and email. So far I've only got what I think is an auto-response robotic answer. Maybe when my state has its primary, her people will send my people something in the mail asking for money, support, and of course, our vote.

So it goes. (Vonnegut still lives.))
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