Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hamas for that Rocket?

Why doesn't Israel supply Hamas with the rockets they are firing at them? Of course, they wouldn't work, or they would blowup when fired, or even better, they would double back and hit in the area from which they were launched.

If it looks like a good place for an ambush, it usually is.

Since Israel can't seem to affect the supply once Hamas gets the rockets, Israel should supply them with the rockets they want them to use. How many of those double-back rockets would have to occur before Hamas hesitates to use them? If Hamas wants money, give them counterfeit.

Surly that would be better than the current tactic, wholesale attack on Palestinians in Gaza. Israel for all its modernization still has a ways to go in smart bomb technology or at least the use of it. The statistic of thousands of Palestinians for a few hundred Israelis just has an unbalanced ring – and injustice – to it.

I wouldn't like the never-ending threat of rocket attacks interrupting my life, making me take shelter, fearing if my family has done so, but thousands of Palestinians is no pay back. How many Palestinian children died in comparison to the Israeli children who died from rocket attacks? Two wrongs don't make a right.

With a bunch of Americans holding Iraq, I'm in no position to pass judgment, but still, so many dead. If I'm going to support Israel's right to exist and have a homeland, I must give as much support to the Palestinians. A people's right to a secure homeland is nonspecific
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