Monday, January 19, 2009

Liberal Bias, Oxymoron

A true liberal can no more be bias than a true conservative cannot. To be liberal is to be fair. Their bleeding-heart’s blood flows for every living thing no matter how insignificant. Everything and especially everybody have rights. It’s enough to make you want to puke, but that is what makes them liberal.

Truth, facts, and a just compromise when equal rights conflict are the ultimate goals of any and all liberals. If you are far enough to the right, the center looks left to you. Truth looks biased.

If you are far enough to the left, you are insufferably boring to everybody. Intellectual truths obscure basic truths, but liberals' misrepresentation of facts is not the subject of this post. 

For the basic missconception of Liberal Bias: 

Liberals will add millions of dollars to an election because even a minority of one is not properly represented, and liberals will prevent a million dollar construction project, which will mean jobs for thousands of workers, because some insignificant species existence is not being properly reviewed.  As insufferable as they may be, true liberals are fair to a fault. 

Anyone is who is truly liberal is not bias and anyone who is bias is not a true liberal.  Liberal bias is an oxymoron, but dammed fine Fox News spin – or is that spam?

Conservative bias is rewriting facts and history to fit today’s political prejudice, and term (meme) "Liberal Bias" has been as infamously popular as the "liberals'  war on Christmas".   

The term has be added to Red Word / Blue Word.


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