Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lipstick on a Trojan Horse

If you know how and where your opponent is going to attack, then you know a good place for an ambush. The current party elite among Republicans are past masters at playing off their opponents' gaffs. The Democrats could turn that knowledge to their advantage. The Demos need to put something out there that they know the Repubs will jump on. However, it would be a set up - a sort of political IED (improvised exploitive device).

Like the “lipstick on a pig” comment by Obama about McCain’s healthcare policy being tied to Palin’s comment about “lipstick on a pit bull” as somehow Obama referring to Palin as a pig. The Demos would still be backpedaling on this one if the MSM in some sort of historical perspective on the term had not gone back and found where John McCain and Cheney had used it previous to Obama’s using it. And McCain was referring to Hillary’s healthcare policy. Was McCain referring to Hillary as a pig? BANG! Another IED detonates, the Repubs are shown as trying to make something out of nothing and distract from the real issues.

But no, that’s only a dramatic literary re-enactment. The Demos never did that. The Daily Show, some pundits, a few bloggers made comment, but no ground swell, no blogging frenzy, no public outrage at lynch mentality.

Come on Demos, you’re supposed to be the smart ones. Let’s get some return from that overpriced liberal education. Set them up. Out Rove the Rovians. Put an IED out there just before the election, and have it blow up in their self-righteous condescending face.

Sometimes you must work for it and sometimes it is given. Just as corruption will eventually corrupt its self and conspirators will conspire against their fellow conspirators; so too the mob will turn on those that try to manipulate its chaos. While the Pittsburgh police had no trouble seeing the implausibility of the attack and political mutilation of a McCain campaign worker, the Repub elite did not. (Come on, you carve a backward “B” in your face, if you do it a mirror, and you're stupid – or crazy.)

And the Repub elite ran with it. Race war is just waiting to erupt. Stewing just underneath society is a race seething with indignation, ready to break out in social disruption and attacks if Obama is elected…Oh wait! It was a fake. Never mind.

America, you have the opportunity to continue four more years of government being run that way.

Republicans, you have a cancer in your midst and it will consume you if you do not cut it out.

Liberal Democrats, demand your money back from whatever elite liberal arts college you attended. You were cheated out of a good education.
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