Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Support of Global Warming

To those who say our industrialization has progress to the state that we are affecting the future climate of earth, I hope you are right. For if they are wrong and our years of burning large amounts of fossil fuels, carbon loading the atmosphere jargon-wise, will not have any major affect on the climate, then without a doubt, the predominate climate of the past 3 million years will return along with glaciers as tall as skyscrapers, Canada will become uninhabitable, and all of New England as well as all major urban centers in the northern U.S. will be wiped off the face of the earth.

For those that live in the south, winters will become much colder, more sever, but tolerable, crops and agriculture will have to change, but abundances will occur as in the last Ice Age. Those adept at adaption will thrive as is proof of our being here in the first place.

The latte-drinking liberals and those great unwashed naturalist who argue against our head long rush to global warming with threats of what will happen if we do not stop it don't tell us what will happen if we do.

Here is what is going to happen whether you are against global warming or think this global-warming hubbub is all just made up by some eggheads too smart for their own or any body's good. In the short run, 100 to 5,000 years, we can have global warming, global cooling, or global stay-the-same. From what I've seen, most of the anti-global warming crowed seems to argue in favor for the last, stay-the-same, type climate, and that's cool and OK for as long as it goes, the short run. Out beyond the short run, only one of the first two climates listed will occur, and eventually both warming and cooling will occur. Always has, always will. I don't make the rules, I just try to figure them out.

Now if you truly do believe that our current climate is the only climate the earth has ever experienced and concepts like evolution and climatology are just theoretical science that should include that oxymoron creation science, then stop reading. Go no further. This post is not for you. Seek your expected answers elsewhere. (Faith and science are mutually exclusive. Science is based on facts. Faith is not. If faith is based on facts, it is no longer faith but something else entirly. I have other post dealing with
faith -- this is not it.)

Our climate has been in an Ice Age for the last 3 million years interrupted periodically by brief warm periods -- I don't know how many or how often the warm periods occur -- but the one we are currently in may have run it course and we are due to return to colder winters when in north central Canada not all the previous winter's snowfall melts before the next winter's begins, and thus the glaciers begin to build year after year. Much the same would be happening in northern Europe and Asia and in the mountains all over the world, but it is the glaciers in the far norther hemisphere that will have the most affect on or descendants.

Maybe the Mini Ice Age of the Middle Ages was the initial beginning of the end of our current warm period but the birth of the industrial age later was all that was needed to prevent the return of the Ice Age and the glaciers. If that is true, then the warnings today of runaway global warming are way, way too late, and our specie's gift for adaptability will be put to a greater test than a return of the glaciers. We know how to survive global cooling. Been there, got that Tshirt or at least some tricked out genes. We have no experience at global warming.

The dinosaurs did great during global warming. They thrived, multiplied, and evolved into to some of the most interesting fossils we have ever dug up, and you can be sure, their descendants -- to some degree us, but more genealogically, birds -- will survive even a runaway global warming climate. And the plants love any increased of CO2.

If our industrialization has affected the climate, then we have within our power, the ability to control it. If we can cause global warming, we can stop it -- or even better, cut back just enough to keep Canada habitable. But this is a world-wide endeavor. Even if North America and Europe where able to cut back all greenhouse gas production to an acceptable level, China, India, and other emerging nations would cancel out the savings and the affects of global warming are inevitable.

But it's there, the potential to control the climate, conservation and theories of offsetting strategies abound. We can only hope and contribute what you can. And have faith.
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