Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What Were You Doing In 2008?

What are you going to say? You who are reading this blog right how are going to be asked this question one day.

While I was growing up a golden question was: what where you doing when Peal Harbor was attacked. I wasn't alive then but it was a golden question nonetheless. You may get a pause and then a personal story about what was going on when they heard the word. It comes quickly, usually without hesitation from any and all -- kind of cathartic.

While I had personal events that we all go through that I remember, there was no major event to unite me with everyone else like Peal Harbor did for that generation. And then came 9/11, and everybody old enough to remember has a story to tell when they are questioned years from now. And believe me, you will be questioned. In fact, they've already started. Just bring up where you were or anybody was and nearly everyone will volunteer where they were.

But there is another type of events. It is slow, not so noticeable, with additional, reinforcing events within a short period, that only becomes significant after the time has passed. You will be asked about this year and this election campaign going on right now even as this blog is posted and limitedly read. You can bank on it. You will be asked and what will you say?

While Pear Harbor and 9/11 were major events that all happened in one day are no doubt a shocker and imprints indelibly on any normal person's soul, some events happen over time and only become noteworthy or question-worthy after time has passed.

The run up to WWI and WWII contain events that at the time were significant to some but mostly ignored by most. The year 1968, the Democratic convention, the birth or at least major notice of the anti-war and then anti-establishment movement that so dominated the years to come after. Where were you in 1968? Fifty years ago? What were you doing then? Do you remember?

I was having he time of my life, performing in a rock band at the University of Alabama. It was great. Vietnam War? Chicago convention? I don't remember much. It was the news interruptions to the concerts I was watching in 1968. I was only interested in rock'n'roll. Woodstock happened the following year. 1968 was a biggy, and I just about miss the whole importance of it -- except I was drafted two years later, and suddenly, it meant everything to me.

That's the way it happens. 2008 may mean nothing to you right now, but it's there. Oh, it's out there baby! One day you will need to recall what you doing during this year. Fair warning.

Yea, verily I say unto thee, go forth and do likewise.

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