Sunday, July 19, 2009

Autogoogling Health Care

In the heath care debate presently before the body politic, before anyone expresses an opinion, either in support, against, or offering an alternative, they should state the answer to two questions:

1. What sort of heath care program do you currently have?

2. Have you, someone in your family, or someone you know closely been faced with a major medical expense or ongoing, constant expense?

Stating the answer to these two questions, up front, before anything else is said, colors everything that comes after. Once I know that, I know what baggage the opinion brings.

For instance: While I don't know who or how much a U.S. senator or his family has suffered a medical catastrophe, I know the senator has a rather good heath care program – all government employees do. I take this into consideration whenever I hear a senator or representative issue statements on the current heath care packages.

Anyone who has faced today's medical expenses with a heath care program that has protected everything else of value knows that heath care insurance is essential for a normal lifestyle. That is if anyone thinks leaving anything to their children is normal, or even having children is normal. Their opinion as compared to someone who has never had or needed much heath care would be quite different in regards to universal heath care.

I don't think wealth is a major factor since medical expenses today can drain even the largest of holdings in a very short period. We are all in the same boat as far as to the impact of expenses. What separates us is our ability to buy the insurance or access to a group plan.

And that's the sort of information that should be on the table for all to see before an opinion is ever issued. This self declaration needs a name, like the health care declaration or testament, or personal spin or disclosure, or how about autogooling heath care.
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