Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jesus Was A Liberal

Conservative Bias (2) was going to the title of this post, but when I stumbled on "Jesus was a liberal", I had to go with that – and add this blog to the 7.1 million Google results.

While Liberal Bias is an oxymoron, Conservative Bias is way too true.

For Conservative Bias believes half truths are sometimes better than whole truths -- especially if the truths involved are of the emotional kind. Race, country, and religion are prime areas where half truths are preferred to the point of fighting and killing to whole truths even when the whole truth is the complete opposite of the cause for which all the fighting and killing was done.

For example:

Accepting the benefits of science even to the point of exploiting and capitalizing on discoveries and yet rejecting the science of evolution entirely.

Co-opting history and turning what is a liberal war, The American Revolution, into some kind of conservative benchmark.

Claiming to be the first. Is it really true that Americans of European and Native American descent are more closely related than either to the Kennewick Man? And while Kennewick Man is related to people in the West (from America's point of view), Clovis technology appears related to that of the East. Who were the first? Half-truths allow many to claim it, but science does not substantiate it.

Every Arab carries the Crusades on his shoulder like some kind of chip while either overlooking or gushing with exaltation the conquest of Islamic based empires in which the term "convert or die" was a catch phrase.

The Christians' founder was crucified by religious intolerance, and yet they are past masters in its practice. (Pass judgment on the least of my children and you pass judgment on Me. Seems many a self-righteous Christian is standing in the courtyard calling for Barabbas – without truly realizing it.) And to top it off, Jesus was a liberal. He was eat up with liberal bias. So many of the rightwing nuts, extremist for the conservative cause, cling to that good old time religious. (Woops! Wasn't that an Obama gaffe?) At any rate, it was all founded by a liberal. Who would of thought?

Jesus was ("is" – depending on your belief) a liberal. Is that like that what kind of car would Jesus drive thingy from a few years back?

Wow! I seemed to have gone off course, but the way it is with half-truths

The punch line in Colbert's mockery that truth has a liberal bias is the truth within it. In fact, if the term "liberal bias" is not an oxymoron, it is a synonym for truth. It has to be by the shear definition of terms. (Click the oxymoron link above for more on this.)

And Conservative Bias is a lie, but it's for a good cause, so that makes it justifiable – or so they claim.
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