Sunday, January 31, 2010

Same-old Same-old Change

Nothing like same-old same-old for the coming political perfect storm. If the state of the union address proves anything, it proves what has been going on is going to continue, or the more things change, the more they stay the same.

While Republican legislation can occur even without a majority as they march lockstep to advance their agenda, the Democrats had difficulties even with a super majority. Like herding cats, they move in a wild uncontrollable mass. They are still Will Rogers' party: I don't belong to an organized political party. I'm a Democrat. God bless them, they haven't changed in seventy years.

The only thing new this year – so far – is the Supreme Court's decision to allow businesses and other groups with money the right to influence the next election with political ads. The political ads that will really be good will be the ones that look like the commercials for something else entirely. We will not see it coming, their hidden persuaders quietly tucked away, firing within our subconscious all manner of responses.

Perhaps the unrestrained financing of campaign ads will give the Republicans the congressional seats of their dream. However, I can't get away from Leno's shtick "How Long Will It Take". How long before the conservatives, including the right-wingers on the bench, realize they have opened Pandora's Box?

When it comes to same-old same-old type government, I believe the most effective is a Republican president with a Democratic congress.

We have just seen a Democratic president with a super majority in congress. Not a whole lot of difference when the Democrats just have a majority.

A Republican president with a majority in Congress is a process of undoing what the Democrats have done, and a Republican super majority is scary. No one wants a group that has a tendency to self righteously march lockstep to have a super majority.

A Democratic president with a Republican majority is the foundation on which gridlock is defined. If the new kid on the campaign ad block has any affect on this October's election, we might see this for the next two years at the least. Remember, all representatives have to run. All their seats are up for grabs. Even though it was a special election, Massachusetts proves they are no sure seats.

A Republican president with a Democratic congress is our best hope for getting anything done. Enough of those unherdable cats in the Democratic Party will cross over and support the Republican president to get needed legislation passed. Something that is not going to happen when the reverse comes true.
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