Sunday, September 20, 2009

Comment on Frank Rich Column

I got up early this morning to comment on Frank Rich's column just to see if it would get noticed and the test of that is "reader recommendations". I have noticed in the past that the earlier birds get the recommendation worms, so I'm testing to see it I can catch a few myself.

I did not get up as early as I should have. When I began reading the column, no comments were posted, but by the time I had finished and composed my little ditty, 37 comments had been posted. There's probably hundreds already in the comment queue, waiting to be reviewed prior to posting. So, if this doesn't work, if my post is too far down in the list of comments, I'll try an even earlier time next time.

Here is what I posted:

Let's be frank, Rich.

Some people just got to hate. Extreme prejudice against anyone or anything different is as natural as nature itself. We tell ourselves human beings are supposed to be different, but unfortunately, we are not, or we are not for a significant portion of society.

Some people have got to fix their hate on something, somebody, or some group. They are not truly happy or content in their life unless they do. Rational thought of why or how come has nothing to do with this. It's emotional. It's basic unconscious autonomic response, and it is a part of some peoples' lives as much as food and oxygen.

The Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaughs, George Wallaces, and Adolf Hitlers of the world tap into and mine this rich and rewarding vein for their own purposes. And it's not just the great unwashed on the right. As your ref to Michael Moore indicates, it going down on the left, too. It's just more prevalent on the right. It's part and parcel to being a conservative.

I've posted elsewhere about liberal ideas becoming conservative foundations over time, i.e. when the second amendment was originally stuck into the Bill of Rights it was a very liberal concept. Royalty and the ruling classes could certainly carry and use weapons at their discretion, but the very idea of a commoner having the right to keep a gun was eat up with liberalism. Wrap your cold dead fingers around that, Mr. Right-wingnut.

Also, as any political advisor worth his salt will advise, don't mess with Social Security if you want to get elected. Hopefully, one day universal heath care for all will be like that. And those on the right can begin wrapping their fingers around it as if it was their own.

End of Frank Rich comment.

So, now we wait. I'll keep you posted.

Oh, and here's the link to the post about liberal ideas becoming conservative foundations.

Late update: As of 5:14 my time, my comment had not been posted. I scanned all 637 comments and did not see it. Either it was found offensive (My "Let's be frank, Rich." may have got me kicked out), or they get so many comments, they never got to mine even this late in the day, or I just missed it. At any rate, I didn't get to test if getting a comment in early gets readers recommendations.

So, I'll just have to get up earlier and run this test again. Stay tuned.
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